HellOooohhhhh, Internet …

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

So we (and by we, I really mean “I”) have attempted the blog/twitter/facebook thing before and failed miserably. Like a colossal fail. Seriously, like only-lasted-an-afternoon kind of fail. I don’t even know that I published a single blog post. Or invited friends on Facebook. I think I did post a few tweets and people followed our account. I think they were confused as to who they were following.

Anyhow, everyone – even my mom – has weighed in during the past few years or so on Jot’s lack of Web presence. I’ve always said the following: “I am too cheap to pay someone thousands to do something that I know I can figure out if I only had time.” But I’m turning over a new leaf today. We have a shiny new website, new business structure, and we have stuff to say.

Jot is definitely a niche, and I think what we do is pretty cool. But not everyone gets it, hence the blank stares when I say “I design stationery” at a party. So we want to let you guys have a behind-the-scenes look at some of our products and the processes we go through to get there. I can’t promise a post every day, but I can promise a better showing …



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