Ode to a list …

September 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am so OCD that I love marking things off a list. With a red pen. I write in black, mark off in red. Super anal. I actually have weekly running to-do lists for Jot that I use to gauge whether the week was a success, and by proxy, whether I have been a success. I also have daily lists, grocery lists, book lists, movie lists, lists in my knitting bag, long-term life goal lists … it can get exhausting, but it’s what I do. On a non-productive week, I’ve even been known to write down something I’ve already accomplished (i.e. making the bed, emptying the dishwasher) just to mark it off the daily list and feel better about myself. Sad, really …

But the most fantastic thing about Jot’s new studio hours is that I have way more control over my time, which ultimately means more things checked off the list and that results in better customer service. It’s been a little rocky the past couple weeks as everyone gets used to the new setup, but guess what? The weekly Jot list is almost TOTALLY checked off!!! I cannot even begin to describe the delight in seeing an entire list on a legal sheet marked through in red. Delightful, firm, final red ink. When I had retail hours, lots of things had to carry over to the next week, which drove me crazy.

Sadly though, a casualty of efficiency has been the blog. But now that I’m caught up, I’m back at it. And yes, today’s list will include blogging, tweeting and facebooking — all marked off. I am drawing a red heart around my list. Or framing it.


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