For the love …

September 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is a work blog, but I couldn’t be Jot without the cheerleading and encouragement of the mister. He’s painted displays, picked up things from printers, delivered stuff to customers, helped me punch holes, assemble invitations and round corners on programs. He’s even pretty good at critiquing designs.

While Jot celebrates four years in October — and I can hardly believe this — as of this Friday, I’ve been married to DF for five. I mean, I’m partial, but he *is* pretty awesome. As I write this, he’s downstairs trying to nurture our water heater’s pilot light after a basement flood. Although I think it’s mostly motivated by the insanely high repair estimate, part of his determination is because I’m tired of cold showers. Our basement — and that term is used loosely — is a creepy, dirty place (a good friend appropriately likened it to that garbage compactor scene in “Star Wars” with that weird monster? Yup, it’s that creepy). Anyhow, DF’s kneeling on the wet concrete trying to coax life out of a tiny flame. Did I mention that he doesn’t really know anything about hot water heaters? That’s love. And that’s just one isolated incident: he’s overcome allergies because I owned a cat and St. Bernard. He’s also dealt with banjo lessons, pottery classes, countless home-improvement projects, disastrous cooking experiments, a newspaper work schedule, self-employment, etc, etc. Patience of Job, that one …

But I digress … I’m amazed on a daily basis at how love finds people. I think I wrote previously about all the different stories I hear in my job, but I can barely believe my own story. I met DF at a college football game and had no idea that the nice Clemson fan beside me during a Carolina/Kentucky game, the same nice fellow whose first conversation with me literally involved him whistling “Rocky Top,” (I bleed Tennessee orange)  would later become *my* one-and-only. That feeling of hope, happiness and excitement is what makes me want to help people with their major life events, and it stems from the love of my man.

So, with all that said, here’s to many, many more …


§ 2 Responses to For the love …

  • Glenn Q says:

    …and DF is a very lucky guy too, even tho you’re a TN fan. We are lucky to have you in our family too. Happy Anniversary!

  • sherree says:

    Thank you my dear friend for forcing me to take a deep breath and relish in the blissful memories of mine and the mr.’s.
    As I stand here listening to Mickey’s Club House, I am already frustrated with they daily dishes and what nots. But as I read, a soft smile embarrasses me.
    And then jesse busts through the childproof non-tylenol, tylenol.
    Thanks for the break 😉

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