Eat your heart out, Old MacDonald

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know I’ve blogged about wedding invitations, and in truth, that’s a huge part of Jot. But we love doing all kinds of invitations! Kids’ birthdays are among my favorite events to design for. They’re usually super creative ideas with lots of color or fun rhymes, there’s usually a cute theme, and because the moms start with a great idea, I just have to help execute it.

One of my moms (who I first met as a bride) always has a great idea for her daughter’s birthday. Last year, the party was a bubble-themed party, and her idea was to mail the invite in bubble bottles. Did you know that you can totally mail oddly shaped things, not necessarily in a box or envelope as long as you check the postage? I’ve even heard about people mailing beach balls!!! Anyhow, for the bubble party, she drained and dried the bottles and we made labels for the outside of the bottle — this is where she wrote addresses — and the actual invite rolled up inside. Here’s the design; I wasn’t smart enough to take a photo of an assembled bottle.

This year, she was doing a farm theme and wanted an interactive invite so we made a pink barn with a door that opened to reveal the invite info. I had the BEST time drawing animals and making a cute barnyard scene. And of course, the barn is pink. And it had these big, square, pink envelopes … so fun! And of course, the mom had the rhyme picked out and I love the “yay or neigh” in lieu of saying “please R.s.v.p.” … My photography skills are lacking, and yowza, my window sill desperately needs painting … but ta-da!

If I had to do it over again, I’d double print the top layer so that the inside of the doors had the same cross beams as the front of the door, but alas. Oh and for the record, when we post actual invites online, we smudge out as much personal information as we can — residential street addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Hence the slight blurriness and weird spacing.


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