Autumnal A.D.D.

October 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

How is it already Thursday?! Do you ever have weeks like that? I feel like my head is spinning, in a good way, but spinning nonetheless. I came home yesterday, couldn’t find one of my favorite pens, only to realize that I had five of them in my hair. Oy.

Every year, about this time, I get super antsy for multiple reasons: The weather is gorgeous, I get to wear boots, new fall TV, it’s finally cool enough to cook, there’s college football, porch sitting, butternut squash, banjo lessons, leaves … I can go on and on. In the fall, I always get this crush of creativity, which has been dormant, stifled by South Carolina’s months of 100+ temperatures and 1,000 percent humidity. Normally, all these fall distractions coincide with holiday designing and spring/summer wedding designs, which I can handle due to the increased creativity, but additionally, this year all these things also coincide with business restructuring! That entails figuring out an appointment and pick-up schedule, launching an online store (stay tuned), trying to get in the blog/FB/tweeting groove, researching search engine optimization … all less exciting than creating things but equally as important.

MWAHCK! I have so many ideas and time flies. I literally have to keep a notebook beside my bed so when an idea strikes, I can immediately write it down. And now … enter Pinterest.

Literally, in the past few days, I feel like twenty people have asked if I am on Pinterest. One of them was in line behind me at the grocery store; I know I’m late to the party. I love the idea of it. I think it’s a great tool. I think it’s genius, and I’m not-so-secretly irritated that I didn’t think of it because I am a lifelong magazine-article, printed-matter clipper/hoarder. I assemble these elaborate binders and have probably created a fire hazard in my house. But y’all, I was trying to ignore Pinterest because I think it could turn into a black hole time suck that prevents me from showering and brushing my teeth on a regular basis. And as aforementioned in another post, I like my husband and going out in public.

Anyhow, after the fifty bazillionth person needed me to have an active Pinterest account, I’ve given in and thrown it onto the heap of this fall’s distractions. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I hope it turns into a great way to share ideas and is a fantastic design tool for me. Any thoughts or recommendations on how to maximize the usefulness and minimize the crazy are much appreciated …


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