That which doesn’t kill you …

January 10, 2012 § 10 Comments

… makes you stronger and more awesome!

Jot friends: it’s been such a long time and lots of things have happened in the past couple months. I’ve been sitting on a secret, which cannot wait any longer. I haven’t been able to share until things were official but …


I know, I know … it’s the third time that Jot has moved in the past four years trying to find the perfect spot. But we’ve found it, and barring fires, floods or general natural disasters, it will be our home for a very, very long time.

The space — which is 3140 Carlisle Street — is really fantastic, but to get it fit for human occupation, we’ve put in a ton of elbow grease. It was tough and there was a lot of heavy sighing, some yelling at inanimate objects, and paint debacles. Here’s where I say a huge thank you to the family and friends who have helped transform our little nook from this …

the green monster

To this …

prime time

And, finally, to this …

almost there ... almost

It’s going to be amazing! There’s enough room for a couple meeting areas, plus, a generous work space for me to make the magic happen, which if any of you visited us at 2900 Devine, you know what an improvement that will be over my former cubby/cave/office.

To go hand-in-hand with the new space, Jot’s website is getting an overhaul by a local web guru. We meet tomorrow for the second official time and there’s even talk of e-commerce! I’ll keep you posted on that one for sure.

Perhaps the best part of the new locale is that I’m sharing a space with an incredibly talented interior designer. We have many grand plans involving designing fabrics/wallpaper, posting video tutorials on marbling paper and reupholstering chairs, and I cannot wait to see what cool stuff comes out of our little studio on Carlisle for you.

And hopefully we didn’t inhale enough dust, asbestos or paint fumes to cause permanent lung damage.

Here’s to 2012.


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