Get P.O.’d … mail something!

September 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Brides always, always hear my rant against the post office. It’s a predictable rant of mine, especially when asked about hand-canceling invites or how much something will cost to mail. The post office has cut hours, staff, and quite frankly, has made it insanely difficult to mail anything. For instance, I worked with one bride where the post office misplaced an ENTIRE stack of invitations that only had to be delivered to the other side of town. Luckily, her mother found out a few weeks prior to the big day when a relative and the priest both politely asked if they were invited. She quickly sent new ones, and the original invites were finally delivered the week of the wedding, about a month after they were originally mailed. And stories like this aren’t isolated. The post office is definitely slack.

However, this pseudo-government agency is funded solely by postage, no tax dollars. As my mother says, “what do you want for 44 cents?” But in the face of email communication, crazy employee benefits, the recession, FedEx and UPS, the post office is seriously struggling. News has emerged that the P.O. is facing bankruptcy as early as next year, and the post master general has gone before lawmakers to ask for a bailout.

Who knows what legislators will do? But I, for one, can’t imagine a world without the ability to send hand-written correspondence to loved ones. In an increasingly digital world, it’s so meaningful to receive a card or a note. It means that someone is thinking of you and took the time to write down feelings, find your address, get a stamp and mail it. Just the other day, I was purging some papers and ran across a letter my nana wrote to me congratulating me on my engagement; I teared up looking at her handwriting. And I don’t even want to think about how weird it would be to not have the option to send physical wedding invitations.

So although I rip on the USPS almost on a daily basis, I think it offers an invaluable service to society. Thus in a show of solidarity, I have a stack of stuff to mail today … if you need me, I’ll be happily standing in the absurdly long line at my local post office.



HellOooohhhhh, Internet …

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

So we (and by we, I really mean “I”) have attempted the blog/twitter/facebook thing before and failed miserably. Like a colossal fail. Seriously, like only-lasted-an-afternoon kind of fail. I don’t even know that I published a single blog post. Or invited friends on Facebook. I think I did post a few tweets and people followed our account. I think they were confused as to who they were following.

Anyhow, everyone – even my mom – has weighed in during the past few years or so on Jot’s lack of Web presence. I’ve always said the following: “I am too cheap to pay someone thousands to do something that I know I can figure out if I only had time.” But I’m turning over a new leaf today. We have a shiny new website, new business structure, and we have stuff to say.

Jot is definitely a niche, and I think what we do is pretty cool. But not everyone gets it, hence the blank stares when I say “I design stationery” at a party. So we want to let you guys have a behind-the-scenes look at some of our products and the processes we go through to get there. I can’t promise a post every day, but I can promise a better showing …


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